About Us


Essential Beginnings is a 501C3 organization located in Chicago, IL. The organization was established by its CEO/Founder Esther Burnett. The organization offers several services to the members of its community and plans to expand by mentoring, empowering, providing food, and
clothing to low income family and mentally ill of Chicago, IL. Beyond providing food and clothing to the low income communities of Chicago, IL; the Organization also plans to provide leadership, character building, career services to the families in the communities to help acquire new life skills and ultimately gain employment. These services will include job training, referrals, as well as educational services that will include self improvement courses and GED training. All of the organization’s services and programs will be funded by grants and other donated revenues.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower, encourage, and inspire people of all ages to an essential beginning.
To help people in the most propitious way of life, who lack the economic resources to access the quality of life. Not only to mentor people, but to help the mentally ill with the continuum of
care. Essential Beginnings will help people regain their livelihood.

Meet the Team

The faces behind Essential Beginnings

Esther Burnett

Founder & CEO

Esther Burnett is the founder of Essential Beginnings. Esther is a native of Chicago. Esther Burnett has a keen business sense due to her 15+ years of leadership and mentoring experience. Esther has always had the desire to help and mentor people no matter their circumstance. Furthermore, Esther Burnett strong managerial skills, hands on approach, and leadership qualities also aids her in having an effective organization. Esther is determined to help people in the most propitious way of life, who lack the economic resources to access the quality of life. Esther holds a degree in Criminal Justice and Business Administration. Esther Burnett is a loving mother of three handsome boys.

Carolyn George

Vice President

Carolyn George is a native of Chicago. Carolyn has 13+ years in management and leadership. Carolyn has always had the desire to mentor people and lend a helping hand. Carolyn has a passion to help the youth, character building, leadership, and job training skills. Carolyn has devoted her time to giving back to the community. Carolyn is determined to encourage and empower one to an essential beginning in life. Carolyn George is a loving mother of a beautiful

Next Steps...

Our work to help others would not be possible without the generous donations we receive. EB is committed to using our donors’ contributions for the direct benefit of servicing others, with 100% of funds going toward program expenses.

All donations to the Essential Beginnings, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, are tax-deductible.